Let's grill - the minced meat

Duration: 3 hour
Number: 10 person
Difficulty level:
Use of ingredients:
Cultural depth:
Language: Hungarian
Let's admit it, Hungary isn't exactly a born grilling nation. However, we don't have to go too far, for example, in the South and East, to find great places, countries that are great at grilling. In our grill class, starting from the Balkans and traversing through the Middle East and the regions of Southern Russia, we go all the way to Central Asia. Ćevapi, mici, kebabs, and shashliks will be on the menu – and we'll cover a wide range of grilling expert questions. How should we season? Is baking soda necessary? Are we grinding the meat fresh? And what type of meat should we grind: veal, lamb, mutton, pork? How do we skewer a shashlik? And what should we have as a side dish or dip? Today, we'll get answers to everything. And yes, we're letting you in on a secret: ground meat is getting popular again.


  • Cevapcici / Grilled serbian sausage, ajvar, pita bread
  • Ajvar / Balkan style vegetable pepper relish
  • Georgian Chicken & Pork Shashlik, fresh green salad
  • Lebanese style beef kafta with Lebanese rice
  • Sammi lamb kebab with mint-coriander relish


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Cooking is hands-on, each pair preparing the full menu in small batches. Our cooking sessions last about 3 to 4 hours with typically 10 participants. The menu contains 3 to 7 courses/dishes. The food can be eaten at the course or taken home in small containers.

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