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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Cooking school? What is all about?

Chefparade is a ’hands-on’ cooking school. This means every customer is participating actively in the process as they follow our chefs’ instructions. We believe cooking is a creative and constitutive activity that is fun, gives relaxing and brings together. The philosophy behind Chefparade is that cooking is not a mystery, cooking is not belonging just to selected few. We try to open gates to new recipes and new cuisines. We are a knowledge center, we are a pool of ambassadors of many different professional and hobby chefs. Our objective is to transfer the enjoyment of cooking to our Clients: learn together, eat good food together, have fun together and make sure our recipes work at home too.

How does cooking run?

Cooking is hands-on, each pair preparing the full menu in small batches. Our cooking sessions last about 3 to 4 hours with typically 10 participants. The menu contains 3 to 7 courses/dishes. The food can be eaten at the course or taken home in small containers.

With whom are we cooking?

You can come alone but it is recommended to come with a friend - since mostly we cook in pairs. 

Limitation of attendees?

It is limited to 4 persons of friends to come together for our open courses. Larger private groups are required to book their own event with their own date, time and menu of choice. Please visit for more details.

Can I bring a companion with me?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide spectator tickets, only registered participants can do the course and be present at the kitchen studio.

What should I bring myself for the class?

The participation fee covers all necessary ingredients and utensils, use of apron, one drink per person and recipes - so you don't have to bring anything.  We manage your reservation online, so you don't have to bring a printed version of confirmation or voucher with yourself.

No outside food ingredient or equipment can be brought in.

Is this for Adults? or for Children?

Our adult courses are targeted for adult participants, but we are happy to receive children as attendees over the age of 12 years with an adult. Participation fee will be the same as for adults.  

Course prices

Adult course rates (HUF):
1 person / occasion = 19.990,-
1 person / 2 occasion or 2 person / occasion = 38.990,- 
1 person / 3 occasion or 3 person / occasion = 54.990,- 
1 person / 4 occasion or 4 person / occasion = 69.990,- 

The volume discounts are valid when booked/bought at the same time.

What we can drink on the course?

The first drink (1 bottle of beer or 1 glass of wine or 1 soft drink) is free. Next drinks can be paid after the class. You can also buy a drink package upgrade for 4990 HUF with unlimited consumption.

How can we pay?

Our online system accepts any bankcard through OTP Simple pay, Stripe or Paypal.

You can buy vouchers in the Bécsi út studio in office hours.

What are the difficulty levels?

* = easy, anybody can do it, basically no skills at all
** = medium, recommended for those who cook time to time
*** = hard, advanced hand skills and concentration are required

Location exact addresses

The course run at all of our studios
Budapest, IX. ker. Páva utca 13.
Budapest, II. ker. Bécsi út 27.
Etyek, Öreghegyi pincesor

You can park on the street. In Etyek we have a private parking spot for our guests.

Registration for a course

How can I sign up for a course?

First register at our website, then select the class you want to attend, book and pay with bank card or with your pre-paid voucher. A confirmation e-mail will be sent and you can find your booking details it in your profile too.

Why I need to register to attend a class?

All this is important so that we can make contat with you about your future bookings at the class, and for you as participant, you will find many useful functions in your account: You can check your future courses, manage your vouchers, you can also extend them near the expiration date,  you can access the recipes for an unlimited period of time and can download them multiple times, and you can collect loyalty points.

How can I sign up for a course with my gift voucher?

First register at our website, validate your voucher code, and book for a class by choosing voucher payment mode. A confirmation e-mail will be sent and you can find your booking details it in your profile too.

When are courses published?

Our cooking course calendar is updated regularly, about 6 to 8 weeks in advance. We think this is the time spam most of us like to plan ahead. Our courses run weeknights and weekend alike, all year including summer weeks too.

Is there a waiting list? How can I get notified?

In your profile, you can select the courses you like most and you are happy to receive email notifications. Once you set, we will email you when a new course is published in that specific category, by a specific chef or in a specific studio. 

Combining payment methods?

Please register each person separately if you want to pay differently. Still you can cook together at the class.

Cancellation or modification

How can I cancel booking?

You can cancel your booking before minimum of 10 days prior to the course - should it concern one, some or all of the participants. Cancellation must be made in written over email to If it is less than 10 days prior to the course, please find somebody to come instead of you.

How can I modify booking? 

Like cancellation, modification of a booking to another course can be made only minimum of 10 days prior to the course. Inquires must be made in written over email to

I got a voucher

I got a voucher as a gift, what should I do?

First register at our website, then validate your voucher code. It will appear in your profile, and you can register for any course, voucher codes will apply automatically.

How can I buy a voucher?

To buy vouchers you need to register. Our vouchers are "blank" vouchers, valid for one year - the recipient can choose which course he or she wants to book.

I would like to gift a voucher, what to do?

Upon registration, you can buy one or more vouchers. All the vouchers carry a unique code and they all are being stored in your profile. If you want to give them to somebody as a gift, you should click on „offer as a gift” button at your profile, then you can add personal note and dowload as a PDF or alternatively you come to our office at Bécsi út Chefparade, and pick up a pre-printed voucher and envelop. 

Can I gift a specific course with a specific date?

Our vouchers are for "blank" vouchers, valid for one year - the recipient can choose which course he or she wants to go. If you would like to gift a specific course on a specific date, you can find a pdf link in the confirmation e-mail.

How long is the voucher valid?

One year after purchase. We will send a notification email 30 days prior to expiration, shall the voucher be unused for almost 330 days. If you wish, you can buy extra time, 1999 HUF for 3 months or 3899 HUF for 6 months.

Can I use my voucher to other Chefparade programs like private class or other events?

Our vouchers only valid for the courses at our website or other events where we especially note it. You can not use them for private courses, children party, corporate events, turist cooking or other Chefparade events where we note that you can not pay with vouchers. No third party can sell Chefparade vouchers.

Food allergies

I have food allergies and intolerance

In case a severe food allergy, please contact us through telephone, email or any other way. Please do not come to a course without consulting. Chefparade does its best to help, but we cannot guarantee replacement ingredient. This is specially true when there's demo cooking. The four most common types of food allergies and their non-usage can be filtered here - so facilitate orientation. 

Feldobox card

Feldobox card

If you have feldobox card please contact us 

Loyality program

How to collect loyality points?

Finishing one course you will get one loyalty point at your profile. If you reaching 10 points you will automatically get a free voucher that you can use for an extra course for one person.