Brand partnerships

Brand partnerships

Our cooking school has friendship with several brands, that are committed to high quality and well connected to our cooking activities. Base of our cooperation is the mutual recognition and our common goal; to give our guests an unforgettable experience.

Electrolux is one of the global leaders in home appliances, offering a range that includes cookers, washing machines, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.
Electrolux Group includes world-famous brands such as Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi. We have strarted to use the excellent Electrolux equipments in our location (Páva street), providing us with the most up-to-date kitchen assistance, literally working under our hands.

Fiskars understands how important good knives are for successful cooking. Fiskars knives are made of quality materials, and the selection spans knives for everyday cooking as well as award-winning specialty knives for the most demanding gourmet chefs. Nothing proves our satisfaction more than the fact, that we have been using Fiskars knives since our existence.

Since 2016, Horizont Brewing, a small-scale brewery in Budapest, has formed a very significant part of the Hungarian craft beer range with its outstanding quality products. Each of the beers, made from natural ingredients, with careful attention and special technological preparation, is the result of a constantly developing team work.

Tabasco is a brand of hot sauce, it is produced by McIlhenny Company of Avery Island, Louisiana. The sauce is now sold in over 160 countries around the world and the labels are translated into 22 languages and dialects. We can say that this magnificent invention is one of our favorite flavors, so we are especially honored to welcome TABASCO® in our cookingschool.

We are pleased to welcome Alpro as one of our partners,
since we are also close to vegan nutrition and these vegan ingredients
dishes that can be prepared.