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Ancient Persia is one of the cradles of human civilization, but we can also say it's one of the cradles of culinary civilization. Persian cuisine is one of the most unique and traditional in the world – where the Middle East meets the Indian subcontinent, and that's only good news for us. This is where rice cultivation, walnuts, saffron, pistachios, pomegranates, cucumbers, chickpeas, coriander, sesame seeds, oranges... just to name a few, originate from. Many of these ingredients will be used in our "Darius" (Darius the Great, a prominent Persian ruler) feast tonight. Allegedly, when Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, he mockingly stated that the Persians' downfall was caused by weakening themselves through excessive pursuit of culinary pleasures. Well then, let's see...


  • Persian chopped salad
  • Ash reshteh / Spinach lentil-chickpea noodle soup, kashk
  • Jeweled saffron cranberry rice polow
  • Kabab koobideh / Minced lamb kebab
  • Persian love cake


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Cooking is hands-on, with each pair preparing the full menu in small batches. Our cooking sessions typically last about 3 to 4 hours and accommodate around 10 participants. The menu usually includes 3 to 7 courses/dishes. Food can be enjoyed during the course or taken home in small containers.

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